The Big Apple No More

Manhattan no longer is home to the Big Apple. Or maybe the Little Apple.

Earlier this week, the New York Giants traded former 1st round draft pick Eli Apple to the New Orleans Saints.

Some fans are seeing red with a seemingly wasted high draft choice, while others are green with envy that Apple will go to a team that is winning. Regardless, this is not a golden moment for a franchise that has now cut two 1st round picks in the last 2 weeks – Erick Flowers being the other – and is mired in mediocrity.

It has been reported that something was rotten with Apple and it was affecting the team’s core. Teammate Mark Collins called him a “cancer.”

When have you ever heard of an apple causing cancer? Isn’t the old idiom an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

To stem the bad vibes, the Giants sent Apple packing. The Saints are hoping an Apple a day won’t keep the wins away.

The trade of Apple brought to mind some of the great food related names from the NFL.  

Like QB Milt PLUM…

Defensive lineman Dave PEAR…

Running back Doyle ORANGE…

Safety Deron CHERRY…

Tackle Mike CURRANT…

Linebacker Orie LEMON…

Defensive end, Greg PEACH…

And, receiver Raymond BERRY.  

Toss APPLE into this mix and you have your very own NFL fruit salad.

You like nuts? How about some Marcell ALMOND or Robert BRAZILLE?

If you want something heartier to go with that salad, how about Mitch BERGER? If you like pork, you can have some FRANKS and BEAN (both are Bubbas), or Jack HAM and Coy BACON.

Need condiments? Slap on some Jerod MAYO and add some Julius PEPPERS. And serve it with a side of Jerry RICE, of course.

To wash it all down – your choice of Charlie WATERS, Junior COFFEY, or Tom BEER. 

Okay, time to go. All this writing about food is making me hungry.

Ironically, one of the knocks on Apple when he came into the league in 2016 was from a scout who said he couldn’t cook!

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