NFL Monikers of Biblical Proportions

Longsuffering fans of the Cleveland Browns have seen their team win more games this season – 2 – than they have in the previous two years combined, which has caused reason for much celebration, and a newfound sunniness, in C-town.

Lost amidst the optimism is a move the Browns made last month. On September 24, the Browns released tight end Pharaoh McKever from the practice squad and signed another tight end, Pharaoh Brown.

You read that right. The Browns replaced one Pharaoh with another one.

It was the first time since Moses parted the Red Sea that a report of one Pharaoh superseding another hit the public. Fittingly, both Pharaohs are receivers.

When Pharaoh McKever hopped in his chariot and headed out of town, his successor arrived, out of Egypt. Not really. Pharaoh Brown really was just coming home. He was born in Cleveland.

While the Pharaohs were active in Cleveland, in Green Bay, Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep J. St. Brown was catching passes from Aaron Rogers. His brothers Osiris and Amon Ra are making plays on college football Saturdays.

All of this brought to mind some of the great NFL monikers from the past. Like:
Jubilee Dunbar
Happy Feller
I.M. Hipp
Bacarri Rambo
Euphonius Handles
Barkevious Mingo
Wonderful Terrific Monds

And King Hill.

From a King to two Pharaohs, the roster moves have been of Biblical proportions.

Now, if only the Browns had signed free agent linebacker Dezman Moses, we’d really have a story.

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  • Haha! Thanks Steve for another entertaining reference combining players in history to the players on the field.

    Bob Ramsey

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