In Need of Correction… and Compassion

A new study released last week shows that nearly 113 million American adults have an immediate family member who is currently, or was formerly, incarcerated. And, today, 6.5 million adults have an immediate family member currently in jail or prison.


The study, conducted by, a criminal justice advocacy group, and Cornell University also shows that one in seven adults has had an immediate family member incarcerated for more than one year, and one in 34 has had a loved one incarcerated for 10 years or more.


One in four American adults has had a sibling incarcerated. One in five has had a parent sent to jail or prison…


… And, one in eight has had a child incarcerated.


With the current population being nearly 328 million, this means 41 million Americans have had a child incarcerated.


If that number didn’t stagger you when you read it, check your pulse.


This has to change.


For this reason, the One Heart Project was created.


We have seen so many of these kids receive a second chance and turn their lives around. When they see someone cares, they find hope. When they find hope, it sparks change. When change ignites, transformation occurs. There are few things in life I have witnessed that are better.


There are so many ways you can be involved. Mentor, volunteer, teach, tutor, be a friend, donate, write a note of encouragement, pack a personal hygiene bag, take a kid into your home, and more.


If you want to help, we’ll find a place for you.


All it takes is a caring heart.


Contact us to get involved or donate today.

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