Did the Bears Blow It? No, they Blewitt.

Okay. I am not making this up.

It actually happened.

This week, the Chicago Bears signed free agent kicker Chris Blewitt.

That’s right, BLEWITT.

Wait for it. You’ll get it momentarily.

BLEW-ITT. As in blew it.

You’d think with a name like Blewitt, he would have opted for some other profession than being a kicker.

Maybe a Tuba player. Or a glass blower. Or even a referee. But a kicker?

The Bears are obviously hoping they didn’t blow it by releasing last year’s kicker, Cody Parkey, and signing Blewitt. And they are hoping Blewitt doesn’t blow it when he has a game-winning kick on the line.

His name recalls those names from sports that were oxymorons, like baseball’s Clyde Klutz and Bob Walk.

It also brings to mind the more aptly named players throughout sports. Like football’s Chris Paine, Travis Hitt and Jim Kiick; baseball’s Matt Batts; hockey’s Larry Playfair; or basketball’s Lonzo Ball and Julius Keye.

There are a whole host of incredible names in the annals of sport. In fact, I just happened to write an entire section on those names in my book, The Average Joe’s Super Sports Almanac.

There, you can read about the San Francisco Giants battery of Bud BLACK and Steve DECKER.

Or NFL receiver Frank PILLOW who was covered by cornerback Scott CASE.

Lots of fun.

Unless, of course, you happen to be former NHL player, Miroslav Satan.


*Find more of the strangest sports names in my new book, The Average Joe's Super Sports Almanac.

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